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I have this problem where ‘the other day’ for me ranges from yesterday to around 5 years ago

and ‘a friend of mine’ is literally anybody i’ve ever heard of whose opinion i like

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No matter what we’re all going to die, whether it’s  tonight or 63 years from now. And most of us don’t know how it’s going to happen, too many pills or drowning  or shattered glass and a  car swerving off the edge of the Earth, sickness, a  loaded gun in a shaky  hand, an airplane falling  from the sky, cigarettes, fire, lightning
But the second I saw you I knew you’d be what kills  me
 (Sorry it’s so messy I wrote it in the car)
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following back everyone
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  • Teacher: "Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
  • Me: Someone told me to go to hell
  • Me: Couldn't find it at first
  • Me: But now I'm here
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everything personal
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"One day, you realise that there are some people you’ll never see again. At least, not in the same way."Iain Thomas, I Wrote This For You (via larmoyante)

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